Angie Johnson

Angie Johnson
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About Angie Johnson:

I'm ✰*Angie*✰. You may have seen me singing Adele's "Rollin' in the Deep" on YouTube smile Or on season 2 of NBC's The Voice!

This is my radical YouTube Story:
I served one active duty term in the Air Force as an intelligence analyst and Air Force Band Vocalist. I currently still serve one weekend a month in the Missouri Air National Guard because I love the military, and I'm tough smile
During the summer of 2011, I was deployed to Southwest Asia as a singer in the Air National Guard Band "Sidewinder." Our mission as Guardsmen is to deploy as a unit traveling from camp to camp, base to base and post to post doing morale shows to uplift the spirits of our deployed troops. It's a tough schedule with a lot of laborous work, but SO worth it smile This deployment was the 7th time in my military career that I've traveled to the Middle East doing morale shows. But THIS time was very different. One hot desert evening, we were packing all of our sound gear and instruments onto a pallet to load into a cargo plane for travel to Afghanistan the next morning. We had a ton of help from the pallet yard crew so we decided to leave our acoustic gear out and play them a few songs to say Thank You smile We started with more band members than audience members, but the more we played, the more people came. It was a super rad impromptu gig! Little did I know that on August 8th, 2011, a video of me singing would be posted to YouTube by one of the pallet yard troops who saw that jam session. By August 10th, the video, shot with a camera phone, of a sweaty, dusty Angie, singing at 10 o'clock at night, had reached 130,000 views. By August 19th, the video had been circulated around the world and reached over 1 million views. I don't know how that happens, except for by the grace of one mighty Creator, orchestrating things in just the right way at just the right time. The video has over 3 million views now and has been featured on radio stations, talk shows, and websites nationwide including, and Good Morning America. When popular T.V. host/Veejay Carson Daly saw the video, he went on a worldwide search trying to find out who I was via Twitter. A stranger found me on Facebook and sent me a private message telling me to check out Carson's Twitter page. Lo and behold, he HAD actually posted a Tweet with a link to the video asking for any information about who I was and how he could find me. I responded to his Tweet and he invited me to audition for the reality talent competition, The Voice. Since the posting of the video, I've been invited to perform on Fox and Friends, Entertainment Tonight, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and Fox Tennessee Mornings. Earlier, in January of 2011, after many false starts and closed doors I decided to leave the music business behind to use my G.I. Bill to get a bachelor's degree in psychology. I wanted to treat children and veterans who suffer from PTSD. I'm very passionate about advocating for our troops and what has happened to me, as a troop myself, has truly been a fairy tale story. I could never have imagined that my musical dreams would be reached through service to my country and to my fellow service members. But I am so grateful to have another shot at achieving my goals as a professional entertainer. Hoorah!!! Who knows where this journey will take me, but I'm definitely enjoying the ride smile 

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