What We do

Since 1988, Prime Source Productions, Inc. has developed extraordinary relationships with artists and their managers and is recognized as one of the top producers of corporate entertainment in the business. We match today's leading names with our customer's objectives, creating memorable and inspiring, brand-building experiences.

We start with the selection of entertainment.  We consider the budget, audience demographic, venue, and most importantly, our experience in knowing who and what works well.  Once this is done, we propose our ideas to our buyers. After the entertainment selection, we produce the performance, from talent negotiation to technical support to logistics, in the most cost-effective manner while delivering the superior quality expected from us.

We constantly maintain the most comprehensive entertainment database in the industry, with information that includes artist’s pricing and rider requirements for thousands of entertainers across a wide range of genres.

The event/production industry is filled with companies who boast the capability of booking  entertainment in addition to other services like marketing, corporate strategy and communications.  Prime Source Productions, Inc. only provides live entertainment and support.  We often supply entertainment to these companies.  Why?  We are not a threat to take away any of their business and can offer entertainment to them at a cost that is often less than they can buy it for.

Our clients are promoters, associations, corporations, production companies, independent meeting planners and destination management companies who are experts in their field. They partner with us because we are experts in ours. You won't find anyone who knows more about entertainment than we do.

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